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At LiveJasmin we value you as a customer and we truly appreciate that you chose LIVEJASMIN-SEXCHAT.CH.
In order to provide you with the best help and assistance, please contact us through any of the choices below.
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Find also answers to the most common questions by visiting our FAQ section.

Email Assistance

For questions in English you may expect an answer within a few hours.
In other available languages the response time is 24 to 48 hours.

Email Assistance
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LIVEJASMIN-SEXCHAT.CH is owned and operated by .

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  • LIVEJASMIN-SEXCHAT.CH is an adult live video chat site, where visitors meet amateur Models and PornStars from around the world. The Models broadcast video feed live from their home or studio, and interact with visitors in public or private rooms through video, voice, chat and messages. LIVEJASMIN-SEXCHAT.CH offers a wide variety of cam Models.

  • Are all cameras live?

    Yes! On LIVEJASMIN-SEXCHAT.CH all online Models perform live in their chat room.

  • How does video chat work?

    The Models have a webcam or camcorder set up in their room or studio giving live video feed through the Internet. Many Models have audio option as well, so they can be seen and heard the same time.

    For any technical assistance, you may contact our Support staff available 24/7.

  • How do I chat with a Model?

    In the free area usually other visitors and Members also chat with the Model, who responds in a color different than the guests. To get recognized with a unique name and receive real attention from the Models, sign up to become a Member.

    If you like the Model and she/he accepts to fulfill your requests during the conversation, you may move into a private room by clicking on “Start Private Chat.”

  • How do I leave a chatroom?

    You can leave a chat room by simply clicking on the Close button on the top-right corner whiled signed up as a member or click on the top website link.

  • Can LIVEJASMIN SEXCHAT be used with a smartphone on the go?

    Yes, you can enjoy the same Live Jasmin experience anytime, anywhere by accessing our mobile friendly website and see the flawless live video and chat abilities adapted specifically for your smartphone using the html5 standard.

  • When is a Model online?

    The online Models are clearly visible in their thumbnail. Models just entering into Private Chat or going offline have a notice appearing showing their status by color.

  • Troubleshooting Browsers

    If you experience any problem browsing our site (such as strange error messages, cannot enter a Model chat room, can’t see video streams, etc.) we recommend the clearing of cookies and cache from your browser.

    * Note: Other stored data such as browsing history, stored usernames and/or passwords may be erased as well.

    Please also make sure that your Private Browsing (for Mozilla Firefox), Incognito (for Chrome), InPrivate (for IE) is disabled.

    For safety, security and speed of browsing, we recommend the use newest versions Mozilla Firefox. To download the free browser, follow the link:

    If you wish to delete the cookies and cache manually, please read the instructions below.


    Go to Settings – Privacy -- Clear Private Data menu. Check in Cookies and Cache and leave the rest of the checkboxes unmarked. After this click on Clear Private Data Now button.

    Google Chrome

    Go to Settings (wrench icon) – select Options. Click the Under The Hood tab and find Privacy section. In the Cookie Settings section, click Show cookies and select the Remove All button.

  • I need special technical help

    For any technical related assistance please visit our Support Page. Our support team is normally equipped to address most LIVEJASMIN-SEXCHAT.CH connection related issues.